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When the time comes that the

"Global Currency Reset"

"Dinar RV"

information is no longer playing

the same old tune over and over,

nesaranews will then start publishing

the facts. Until then, stay tuned...

I like what you have posted on the top first page of your blog spot at this time and I agree completely about posting only the truth. Here is some truth and facts that you can post. None of these guru's knows anything about when this is going to happen, nor any rates. It is a fact that we will not be having NESARA, RV, PP, Farm Claims or anything else until all the arrests are made and those won't be made until all those needing arrested can be properly identified (big job). Something else, all these wantabe's and guru's don't know anything about and that is how this is going to come down. Once the arrests are made so the funds will not be going into the hands of the evil crooked banksters we will start seeing things happen. If we were to get our funds before we had security, we would lose it within a few months if not weeks. However, the Farm Claims will be first, because they were what started all this going back to the 80's. Then the F & P's and then the PP's and then the RV. We also have to have the announcements as to what is happening in the world before any of this can happen.

Another thing holding this up is that many of the farm claims folks have passed on and the good guys trying to get the money to the right people are having to find the heirs to these funds and that in itself is a monster of a job.

And one of the biggest things that people need to be thinking about when they go to believing the BS these guru's and others that claim to have an inside track to what is going on and spouting dates and rates is this. I am relatively sure from the sources that I have that there are not more than 4 to 6 people that know when and how this is going to start and none of them knows what the others know. And they will have to coordinate what each of them knows with the person or persons who is going to turn the switch and it has to be done with the greatest of security or we will have another 9/11 and that is a fact Jack.

I have no use for these wantabe's and guru's that keep spouting all this hopium and keeping people upset when it don't happen and I will be damned if they don't make some stupid excuse as to what happened to keep it from happening when they said it would and the people believes them and just keeps coming back for more of their bull shit. The crime in all this is that the majority of the people being fed this crap are older folks that are in bad financial situations and are willing to believe anything these mouth pieces for the bad guys keep spouting day in and day out just hoping that at some point they may be right. They are always saying we are closer than we have ever been and too me that is the dumbest statement anyone could make. Of course we are closer today than we were yesterday and we will be closer tomorrow than we were today. Think about folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Colonel

Monday, September 3, 2012


As always, I wish ya'll (you and yours) a good day.

I have read the latest postings of Drake and on

I read some military officers were too ingrained and would fight to preserve the status quo. Secondly, I have read NATO forces may be here in the USA to try and fight for the cabal. Thirdly, I have read some in the military/intelligence/law enforcement may be sitting on the fence. Finally, we have the Secret Service protecting the fake, false, fraudulent President  whom was "chosen" by the Illuminati/Bush Nazi New World Order to destroy the economy of America, to be the "supposed closer" (Mariano Rivera) for their plans.

I am sending this email with the hope it may "enlighten" some of the above and convince them to fight for America. Mr. MacHaffie, you may post if you get clearance. In any event, I would appreciate both of you gentlemen forwarding to your contacts at the Pentagon. If the Pentagon feels this email would be beneficial, they may send to everyone.

I have been behind the scenes for four years fighting for you and everyone you love and I want absolutely nothing in return. All I want you to do is read this email and my Facebook page, William M Porter, Jr. It is for education, not networking.

For four years when I tell people the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and the IRS is illegal and fraudulent, many simply shut down and refuse to believe. For those in the military, especialy those whom come from military families, I know of the mind control programs and that you have been trained for years if not your entire life to "respect rank" and "follow orders". I realize you have a big hurdle to clear, but for America's children I ask you to jump that hurdle. You are an American are you not? You do love America, do you not? You want her children to have the very best future, do you not?  

You may read my letter on the Facebook page and the many articles and watch a few videos. Here is a short note on what you will learn:
1.  The Federal Reserve, created in 1913, is an unconstitutional privately owned bank. Since all in DC took an oath to uphold the
     Constitution, this means they sold their souls to the big bankers (Rothschild/Rockefeller/JP Morgan/Goldman Sachs) over 100
2.  Also created in 1913, the sister corporation, the IRS. Our 16th Amendment was pased by Congress, but never ratified by the
     States and is thus illegal. Further, the IRS is a Puerto Rican Trust Fund for the private owners of the IRS. None of our tax dollars
     goes to America. Those in DC have allowed the private owners to steal our money for 100 years.
3.  Our Constitution states Congress is to declare war, not the President. This means the Emergency War Powers Act is in fact
4   Our Constitution states Congress can establish an Army, but the appropriations for that purpose are limited to two years. What
     does this mean?  The big bankers have pulled the strings of the political puppets to beat the drums of war, to fabricate 
      "terrorism". Makes you want to cry, doesn't it? I can't tell you how many times I've cried knowing these evil bastards sent our
      sons and even daughters, our babies, to die for a lie;
5.  NESARA/Farmers Case which held our country has been outside the Constitution since 1933, the Federal Reserve is
     unconstitutional and the income tax illegal. The NESARA Funds, $47 trillion, was to be distributed to the World beginning
     in 1985, but those in DC prevented the same;
6.  Benjamin Fulford discusses the Global Collateral Accounts, $371 trillion dollars. Under the Bretton Woods Agreement of
     1944, all non-aligned countries donated their gold to the Federal Reserve and DC with the promise the money would be used to
     build/rebuild the Earth and allow everyone to have prosperity. These funds have been stolen/hidden by the Federal Reserve 
     and DC for decades;
7.  John Williams and indicate our true unemployment is over 20%;
8.  Bix Weir talks of the total manipulation of the precious metals markets;
9.  Matt Thiabbe of The Rolling Stone has an excellent article on how Goldman Sachs has engineered all our recessions and
10. Dr. Paul Krugman indicates we are in a Depression and our democracy is under attack;
11. The Baltic Dry Index, which is a leading economic indicator, has absolutely collapsed;
12. Audit of Federal Reserve indicates $16 trillion was given to banks all around the world and we are to pay for that in the
       form of reduced services and increased taxes;
13. Operation Paperclip shows how the bankers and DC planned for the long term destruction of our economy and follows
       the same path as Hitler's communism;
14.  Article on the Bush CIA becoming the world's largest drug dealer;
15.  Article on Bush CIA and Israeli Mossad are responsible for 9/11;
16.  Article on Osama bin Laden is Bush CIA agent Tim Osman;
17.  Video of Norman Menita testifying before the 9/11 commission that VP Cheney gave the stand down order to our NORAD
        intercept jets on 9/11;
18.  Video of retired Supreme Commander Wesley Clark giving a speech that all the Mideast wars were being planned as far
       back as the 1970s;
19. Article on Nicola Tesla free energy device which has been hidden for 100 years;
20.  Article on Pentagon anti-gravity craft (Jetson's vehicle);
21. Mr Fulford indicates our Pentagon has 5000-6000 patents which have been hidden for "security reasons" and include
      miracle sonic healing cures;
22.Though not on the Facebook page, you may want to search "velocity of money on"  which shows the velocity of 
      money or the spending of a dollar over and over is below Depression levels; and
****23. Mr Fulford indicates the bankers and DC wanted the Israel-Iran War to be nuclear in nature and thus a mass extinction event
       while they were in underground bases or off world bases hidden from us. This will be confirmed by powerful US military
       leaders in the near future. Thankfully, our Pentagon, teamed with the military of China and Russia, did not allow this to happen.

      So, does anybody have any questions that the bankers and DC are trying to destroy the very country you love?
      Those evil bastards were willing to destroy the Earth and kill all of us; fry you and everyone you love like a piece of bacon.
      Were you invited to their party?  
      OR NOT?

You fight for the very people that have deprived all of the children of the World; we could have given all our children the perfect
world decades ago but for the evil bastards. You fight for the very people that wanted a nuclear WW3 which would destroy the World and most of her ciitizens, which includes you and everyone you love.


As a further note, if you do fight, then remember most of our military/intelligence/law enforcement know the truth and will be hunting you down. Further, we have millions in militias and tens of millions of hunters whom will be hunting you down. They all shoot and shoot very well. Just surrender. I don't want your children to be orphans, there are already too many.   

If you can't tell the very man you protect wants to destroy America and was willing to destroy the World and most of her citizens, then there is not much I can tell you.

Surely you know that the bankers and DC knew he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia. If not, Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, New Mexico has proven his short form birth certificate is a fake, that there is no long form in Hawaii as well as the fact his social security number or numbers belong to deceased individuals.

You surely know he is delaying the release of the revaluation of the currencies of 195 countries as well as the release of the NESARA Funds/Prosperity Packages/Global Settlement Funds. Enough money so that no American will ever be a debt slave to the privately owned and UNCONSTITUTIONAL Federal Reserve.

Please send this to your contacts in the Middle East. Maybe they can submit to El Jazeera. In any event, I would appreciate the Pentagon telling all in the Middle East prosperity for all and peace on Earth is right around the corner.    

May God Bless All
Bill Porter
Team Earth--Teammate Stars and Stripes     

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