There is going to be the need for some sort of world federation. We all share the same oceans,
breathe the same air and live on the same fragile planet.
We cannot continue with global anarchy and gangster controlled governments.
~Ben Fulford

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Biker Dresses Up As Princess Elsa To Please Frozen Mad Daughter: Twitter Crowns Him Dad Of The Year

Biker Dresses Up As Princess Elsa To Please Frozen Mad Daughter: Twitter Crowns Him Dad Of The Year

Biker Dresses As Princess Elsa

Any dad with a young daughter will probably be more than familiar with Frozen‘s Princess Elsa, Anna, and of course, Olaf the snowman, but how many of these devoted fathers would take the plunge, pull on the blue gown, fix the blonde wig, and transform themselves into Princess Elsa just to please their little girl?

Hairy tattooed biker Rob Chillingworth did and what’s more the 16 stone heavy metal fan didn’t just dress up like a Disney Princess in the safety of his own home. In full Frozen regalia Rob marched outside, jumped on the tube and took his daughter Ruby to a Frozen singalong.

The picture of Rob dressed as Princess Elsa and Ruby dressed as Olaf while riding the tube was snapped by an impressed member of the public. The Daily Mail reports that the image has since gone viral with more than 1.5 million views in just three days.

Biker Dresses As Princess Elsa2
Capturing perfectly the many sacrifices a dad will make for his daughter, many Twitter users have hailed the photo, saying it puts Rob in the frame for “father of the year.” Some even wrote that the tattoo artist from Waltham Abbey in Essex deserves the title of “best dad ever."

Gillian Soden ‏commented, “Elsa has let herself go, but you cannot fail to be in awe of these superb parenting skills.”

Meanwhile Mr Chillingworth was pretty modest about dressing up a Disney character for his ‘little princess’ and explained toThe Sun that he simply did it because it was what his daughter wanted.
“The kids had to dress up. I thought I had to as well. Ruby said ‘you be Elsa’. I had to get the dress made as I’m a big geezer and you can’t get them in my size.”
{Images Via Facebook/Daily Mail

Common Law Community Training Manual

Common Law Community

Training Manual

Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty: The Common Law and its Courts
A Community Training Manual
Issued by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (Brussels)
What is assembling is the first court in history to bring judgment against the Vatican and the Crown of England as institutions. But our Court also signals the dawn of a new notion of justice: one defined by the people themselves, and especially by the historic victims of church and state, to bring about not only a judgment on their persecutors, but a new political and spiritual arrangement to undo the systems responsible for intergenerational crimes against humanity
- from the founding Charter of The International Common Law Court of Justice, September 1, 2012
History was made on February 11, 2013, when the first Catholic Pope in history resigned from his office during peacetime in order to avoid arrest for protecting and aiding child raping priests.
Barely two weeks later, the same Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, was found guilty by the International Common Law Court of Justice for Crimes against Humanity , including child trafficking. And the Arrest Warrant that he had anticipated, and which provoked his resignation, was issued against him on February 25.
Evading justice inside the Vatican, Ratzinger is presently an international fugitive from the law – and a living example of the power of Common Law courts to successfully prosecute so-called “heads of state”. The lawful verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice was a “shot heard around the world”, and has spawned efforts in twenty one countries to establish similar popular courts of justice to reclaim the law from the wealthy and their compliant governments. (see
This Manual provides instruction and training to those of you who have moved from words to actions. We speak to those who not only recognize the permanent war being waged against humanity by a global corporate tyranny, but who are actively engaged in dismantling that murderous system at its source so that justice can be made real in a reclaimed world.
You are part of a growing movement to create a new, liberated society within the shell of the old by first allowing the law to act for all people and not a clique of judicial specialists and their friends. That new society is emerging through every act of courage and integrity by we who know what is at stake, and that is, our children and the future of our species.
Why we are Taking Action: Freeing Ourselves by Remembering the True Law
“Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains.”


Looks like the military have something to say here!!!!!

HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!!               



U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together

U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together

Limited options for Congress as Obama seeks to bypass lawmakers
John Kerry
John Kerry / AP
LAUSSANE, Switzerland—The Obama administration is giving in to Iranian demands about the scope of its nuclear program as negotiators work to finalize a framework agreement in the coming days, according to sources familiar with the administration’s position in the negotiations.
U.S. negotiators are said to have given up ground on demands that Iran be forced to disclose the full range of its nuclear activities at the outset of a nuclear deal, a concession experts say would gut the verification the Obama administration has vowed would stand as the crux of a deal with Iran.
Until recently, the Obama administration had maintained that it would guarantee oversight on Tehran’s program well into the future, and that it would take the necessary steps to ensure that oversight would be effective. The issue has now emerged as a key sticking point in the talks.
Concern from sources familiar with U.S. concessions in the talks comes amid reports that Iran could be permitted to continue running nuclear centrifuges at an underground site once suspected of housing illicit activities.
This type of concession would allow Iran to continue work related to its nuclear weapons program, even under the eye of international inspectors. If Iran removes inspectors—as it has in the past—it would be left with a nuclear infrastructure immune from a strike by Western forces.
“Once again, in the face of Iran’s intransigence, the U.S. is leading an effort to cave even more toward Iran—this time by whitewashing Tehran’s decades of lying about nuclear weapons work and current lack of cooperation with the [International Atomic Energy Agency],” said one Western source briefed on the talks but who was not permitted to speak on record.
With the White House pressing to finalize a deal, U.S. diplomats have moved further away from their demands that Iran be subjected to oversight over its nuclear infrastructure.
“Instead of ensuring that Iran answers all the outstanding questions about the past and current military dimensions of their nuclear work in order to obtain sanctions relief, the U.S. is now revising down what they need to do,” said the source.  “That is a terrible mistake—if we don’t have a baseline to judge their past work, we can’t tell if they are cheating in the future, and if they won’t answer now, before getting rewarded, why would they come clean in the future?”
The United States is now willing to let Iran keep many of its most controversial military sites closed to inspectors until international sanctions pressure has been lifted, according to sources.
This scenario has been criticized by nuclear experts, including David Albright, founder and president of the Institute for Science and International Security.
Albright told Congress in November that “a prerequisite for any comprehensive agreement is for the IAEA to know when Iran sought nuclear weapons, how far it got, what types it sought to develop, and how and where it did this work.”
“The IAEA needs a good baseline of Iran’s military nuclear activities, including the manufacturing of equipment for the program and any weaponization related studies, equipment, and locations,” Albright said.
One policy expert familiar with the concessions told the Washington Free Beacon that it would be difficult for the administration to justify greater concessions given the centrality of this issue in the broader debate.
“The Obama administration has gone all-in on the importance of verification,” said the source, who asked for anonymity because the administration has been known to retaliate against critics in the policy community. “But without knowing what the Iranians have it’s impossible for the IAEA to verify that they’ve given it up.”
A lesser emphasis is also being placed on Iran coming clean about its past efforts to build nuclear weapons. The Islamic Republic continues to stall United Nations efforts to determine the extent of its past weapons work, according to the Wall Street Journal.
By placing disclosure of Iran’s past military efforts on the back burner, the administration could harm the ability of outside inspectors to take full inventory of Iran’s nuclear know-how, according to sources familiar with the situation.
It also could jeopardize efforts to keep Iran at least one year away from building a bomb, sources said.
On the diplomatic front, greater concessions are fueling fears among U.S. allies that Iran will emerge from the negations as a stronger regional power.

So You Think The Military Won't Kill U.S. Citizens?

So You Think The Military Won't Kill U.S. Citizens?





Amongst Civilian Population”     
Role players to practice infiltrating towns
during controversial exercise

Paul Joseph Watson
March 26, 2015

Jade Helm: Troops to Operate Undetected Amongst Civilian Population 260315troops

A key component of the controversial Jade Helm military exercise set to take part in nine U.S. states this summer will involve soldiers operating “undetected amongst civilian populations,” to see if they can infiltrate without being noticed.
The “realistic” (??? FOR WHAT COUNTRY IF NOT THE USA?)  military training exercise, which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, is set to take place from July 15-Sepember 15, but has prompted concerns after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” territory in documents related to the exercise.
A Houston Chronicle report reveals that soldiers will attempt to blend in with the local population in an effort to test the effectiveness of infiltration techniques. Residents will be advised to report “suspicious activity” during the exercise.
They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” said Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.”
By directly involving unwitting members of the local population, this aspect of the drill contradicts the Army’s assertion that, “The public can expect nothing much different from their day-to-day activities since much of exercise will be conducted in remote areas.”
Jim Stewart, chief deputy with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, told the Chronicle that the designation of Texas as “hostile territory” was merely a way of setting up a role playing exercise under which soldiers operate behind enemy lines.
The Army has failed to specifically address why Texas, Utah and a pocket of southern California were labeled as hostile territories in training documents for the exercise, merely insisting that the drill is designed to prepare troops for foreign occupations and has nothing to do with preparations for martial law. (This is an outright LIE AND BULLSHIT.)
No less than 17 different Texas cities will see an Army presence as part of the exercise, which will involve, “participants in civilian dress and civilian vehicles, military aircraft, low-altitude airdrops of personnel and weapons with blank rounds, to avert fearful reactions”.
The cities are Bastrop/Smithville, Big Spring, Caddo Lake, Caldwell, Christoval, College Station, Dell City, Eldorado, Goliad, Junction, Leakey, Menard, Mountain Home, San Angelo, San Antonio and Victoria.
News outlets, primarily Infowars, who questioned the nature of the exercise have come under fire from the Army and other mainstream media outlets, with the Chronicle characterizing the reaction as an example of, “ultra-right-wing fears of a government takeover in the Lone Star State”. (We had BETTER 'FEAR' because this WILL BE HAPPENING at the direction of the UN / NWO / NATO to take this nation down to 3rd world level or worse. Believe it or don't believe it - just sit back and do nothing and WATCH IF HAPPEN.)
Despite assurances that the training is to prepare troops for overseas missions, Army documents in the past have made clear that plans for martial law are in place for within the Continental United States (CONUS).
leaked 2012 US Army Military Police training manual, entitled “Civil Disturbance Operations,” described how soldiers would be ordered to confiscate firearms and kill American “dissidents.” The manual also revealed that prisoners would be detained in temporary internment camps and “re-educated” to gain a new appreciation of “U.S. policies,” in accordance with U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations.
Jade Helm has also drawn comparisons to a 2012 scenario outlined by retired Army colonel Kevin Benson, in which the U.S. Military is used to crush an insurgent rebellion overseen by Tea Party militia members who take over the city of Darlington, South Carolina.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

This article was posted: Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 7:12 am

Video: Mil Helicopters And 3K Soldiers Descend On Texas Towns For Civil Unrest False Flag...uh Drill

Secret Nazi Hideout Discovered Hidden Away In Argentine Jungle

Secret Nazi Hideout Discovered Hidden Away in Argentine Jungle                 

The hideout likely wasn't used, researchers state, after the Nazis discovered they could move openly in Argentina.

Archaeologists are examining a series of ruined buildings found in an Argentinian nature reserve, as they suspect the structures represent a hideout for Nazi officers seeking to escape the fall of the Third Reich.

Researchers decided to investigate the ruins because of a local legend that they were used as a hideout by Martin Bormann, one of the highest ranking Nazis in Germany, and Adolph Hitler’s right hand man, according to the BBC. Located in Teyu Cuare park near the town of San Ignacio, which sits in the northern reaches of Argentina, the buildings differ from regional architecture, and are situated in the midst of an isolated natural preserve.

The research team from the University of Buenos Aires has uncovered a number of artifacts at the site that link the ruins to Nazi Germany, including coins minted in the 1940s, alongside fragments of German porcelain. Nazi symbols, including swastikas, were found engraved in the isolated buildings, according to the Washington Post.

Though researcher Daniel Schavelzon dismissed the local tale about Bormann using the hideout, he nevertheless stated that the buildings were of an unusual scale, featuring walls nine-feet-thick in some places. Located less than 10 minutes from the Paraguayan border, Schavelzon also pointed out that the trio of buildings was so isolated that only someone who knew their exact location would be able to find them.

One of the ruined buildings appears to have been used for housing, while another was purposed for storage and the third constituted a lookout point for sentries. The site features multiple escape points, further supporting the theory that it was meant to be a hideout for Nazi officials.

“Apparently, halfway through the Second World War, the Nazis had a secret project of building shelters for top leaders in the event of defeat — inaccessible sites, in the middle of deserts, in the mountains, on a cliff or in the middle of the jungle like this.”


Hundreds of Nazis were welcomed into Argentina following the war, including Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust, who was famously captured by Israeli agents. Nazi officials also fled to other South American countries, however, and last year a swimming pool adorned with a swastika was discovered by police flying over a home in Brazil, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Schavelzon argues that the hideout likely wasn’t used, however, as Nazi officials quickly discovered they could live openly in Argentina


Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; why doesn’t every hospital have one of these?

Ultraviolet light robot kills Ebola in two minutes; why doesn’t every hospital have one of these?


While vaccine makers and drug companies are rushing to bring medical interventions to the market that might address the Ebola pandemic, there’s already a technology available right now that can kill Ebola in just two minutes in hospitals, quarantine centers, commercial offices and even public schools.
It’s called the Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot, and it was invented by a team of Texas doctors whose company is based on San Antonio. (And no, I didn’t get paid to write this. I’m covering this because this technology appears to be a viable lifesaving invention.)
The Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot uses pulsed xenon-generated UV light to achieve what the company calls “the advanced environmental cleaning of healthcare facilities.” Because ultraviolet light destroys the integrity of the RNA that viruses are made of, it renders viruses “dead.” (Viruses aren’t really alive in the first place, technically speaking, so the correct term is “nonviable.”)
Ebola, just like most other viruses, are quickly destroyed by UV light. That’s why Ebola likes to spread in dark places where sunlight doesn’t reach. (Think of Ebola as a “vampire” virus that feeds off human blood but shuns sunlight…) The Xenex robot destroys Ebola on surfaces in just two minutes, zapping them with a specific wavelength of UV light at concentrations that are 25,000 times higher than natural sunlight.

Kill Ebola with electricity and UV light; no toxic chemicals needed

The reason I’m covering this medical technology is because I’m seriously impressed with the concept and the green technology behind it. The Xenex unit generates UV light using xenon — one of the noble gases — rather than toxic mercury. So there’s no toxic mercury to deal with, even when disposing of the equipment after its useful life.
So many of the approaches to disinfection in hospitals today are based on harsh, toxic chemicals that pose a secondary risk to the health of hospital patients and staff. But UV light emitted by the Xenex robot leaves no chemical residue whatsoever and requires no chemical manufacturing plant to manufacture. This is truly “light medicine” because it disinfects using specific frequencies of light.
Studies touted by the manufacturer appear to show extraordinary disinfection results spanning both bacterial superbugs and viral strains:
- 57% reduction in MRSA at Moses Cone
- 53% reduction in C.diff infections at Cooley Dickenson
- 50% reduction in bacterial contamination at Cambridge Health Alliance
- 30% reduction in C.diff at the MD Anderson Cancer Center
- 62% reduction in microbial load at the St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

Already in 250 hospitals and growing…

The Xenex UV robot is already being used in about 250 hospitals. That number is likely to increase dramatically due to the current global Ebola outbreak.
The base price of the Xenex unit is around $100,000, and the unit pays for itself very quickly by preventing expensive infections. It can disinfect a typical hospital room in about 10 minutes, and it comes with organization and scheduling software that allows hospital staff to keep track of which rooms have been treated.
Learn more at

Obama’s ATF Wants You To Answer This One New Question Before You Can Get A Gun

Obama’s ATF Wants You To Answer This One New Question Before You Can Get A Gun

Image source:
Image source:
The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF, is stirring more controversy by requiring all gun buyers and sellers to reveal their race and ethnic background.
Even though it is not required by federal law, sections 10.a and 10.b of the latest version of Form 4473 or the Firearms Transaction Record Over the Counter form ask buyers to disclose their ethnicity and race.
It asks whether the buyer is “Hispanic or Latino” or “Not Hispanic or Latino” and then asks whether the buyer is:
  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • Asian
  • Black or African American
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • White
It’s Not Optional
Answering the questions is not optional, and gun dealers who fail to get buyers to answer the questions could be shut down, The Washington Times reported. The word “optional” appears in bold letters next to question 8, which asks for a person’s Social Security number. But “optional” does not accompany the race and ethnic questions.
ATF said the information is being collected to comply with a reporting standard required by the Office of Management and Budget, an ATF spokesperson told The Times. That standard reportedly dates to the Clinton administration.
“This issue concerns me deeply because, first, it’s offensive, and, secondly, there’s no need for it,” Evan Nappen, a private practice firearms lawyer in New Jersey, told The Times. “If there’s no need for an amendment, then there’s usually a political reason for the change. What this indicates is it was done for political reasons, not law enforcement reasons.”
The form makes clear: “The information you provide will be used to determine whether you are prohibited under law from receiving a firearm.”
“There is nothing [in ATF or OMB’s website links addressing the change in policy] that supports the requirement that ATF collect race-based information. The OMB guidance merely describes what categories of race should look like if information is collected,” Laura Murphy, the American Civil Liberties Union director for legislative affairs in Washington, told The Times.
The forms are kept in a dealer’s possession and only obtained by the government during an audit or criminal investigation, The Times said. But some gun rights experts say the government doesn’t always follow the rules.
“We’ve been contacted by several dealers saying ATF is or has been making wholesale copies of their 4473 forms, and it’s just not legal,” Erich Pratt, spokesman for Gun Owners of America, told the newspaper. “If this is what they’re doing somewhat out in the open, what’s going on behind closed doors? Are these names and demographic information getting phoned [in and] punched into a government computer? Do they ever come out?”

The Reliable (And Affordable) New Subcompact Gun You’ll Love

The Reliable (And Affordable) New Subcompact Gun You’ll Love

Image source:
Image source:
I like new guns. I am a gun nerd and always have been. I wait patiently for the newest, latest and greatest guns to come out, and I eagerly look forward to watching YouTube videos, reading reviews, and looking at those glossy full-page spreads in the gun mags.
I would love to purchase every gun that comes out and have it in my hands to find out the truth behind the new gun hype, but my budget does not allow such excess. But when a company I love comes out with a new product, I tend to sell a gun or two to make room for something I’m really excited about.
The Walther CCP was one such gun. I love Walther firearms, and think they offer an excellent product for a competitive price point. Nothing against Glocks, but not even the most dedicated Glock fan can say a Walther looks bad, and no one will ever confuse a Walther for a Glock, or even a Smith & Wesson. Walthers stand by themselves as unique pistols, from the PPK series to the uncommon P5, and even the modern polymer PPQ.
The Walther CCP came along at a very convenient time for me. I was looking to take a step down in size from my Glock 29 for the coming summer months. (Which is roughly March to September in Florida.) I do not care for the ultra-micros like the S&W Bodyguard 380, or the Ruger LCP (just too small and too puny of a caliber). So I decided I wanted a compact gun in 9mm, with a single stack magazine, and lightweight if possible. I followed the CCP for a while, but never heard of a solid release date.
Ultimate Tactical Self-Defense And Hunting Weapon That Doesn’t Require A Firearms License!
However, a few weeks ago I get a text from my local gun store, the owner letting me know he had a CCP and was putting it away for me. A quick sale of one of my full-size SIGs and I had the CCP in my anxious paws.
First Impressions
The Walther CCP comes in a standard plastic case, which is quite heavy duty. It comes with two shiny little eight-round magazines, some small accessories, including a takedown tool. The weapon features Walther’s unique styling, giving it an understated level of uniqueness. It’s not another block of black plastic. Its slide features front and rear serrations, with the front serrations broken up by Walther’s very attractive roll mark.
The weapon is superbly comfortable in the hand. The grip features a single finger groove, more like a speed bump than anything. The grip is aggressively textured in a unique alternating path of serrations. The weapon features:
  • Ambidextrous magazine release. However, it’s push button and not the paddle style. I prefer the paddle in all honesty.
  • A frame-mounted safety. Similar in placement to a 1911.
  • Short Picatinny rail.
  • Three different front sights.
I have large hands; the Walther allows me just enough grip space to fit my entire hand. (No hanging pinky.) The Walther is quite thin and nice and lightweight, which makes it nice and concealable.
The Bang Bang
Shooting the CCP is quite pleasant, but this is where we see our biggest flaw. The trigger on mine was somewhat disappointing when compared to the absolutely wonderful PPQ trigger. The trigger pull feels gritty, but is no major hang-up. The trigger is longer than most striker fires, but shorter and lighter than most hammer-fired compacts. (Think LC9).
Story continues below the video

It has been solid now for 300 hundred rounds (including an instructor’s course) with one odd hiccup. I was ejecting the magazine and clearing the weapon to reset my targets. As I ejected the magazine, a round was stripped from it. It’s the only time it’s happened.
The barrel is fixed, like the Walther’s of old. So what does this do? Well, it helps in the accuracy department, which is something most small guns lack. I actually used this weapon along many full-sized duty weapons during my course and scored right alongside the bigger Glock 17s, 22s, and S&W M&Ps. The sites were dead on for me out of the box; the number 1 site is the default. Oh yeah, the recoil was nil, so let’s go into that.
What Makes The CCP Different
The CCP uses something Walther calls the soft coil system. This is basically a gas-retarded system that reduces recoil, and keeps the weapon from cycling until the round has left the barrel. Some H&K fans may remember that this system was used in the P7, aka squeeze cocker. This system reduces the recoil typically associated with a blowback pistol. For the weapon to maintain its fixed barrel, it has to be blowback.
This gas-retarded system works wonders to improve accuracy and reduce recoil. Typically small and lightweight 9mm pistols tend to have a bit of slap and snap when it comes to recoil. The CCP, however, is very light in the recoil department. The muzzle flip is minimal as well, both feeling as if they belong to larger, heavier pistols. The CCP doesn’t beat your hand up when firing it, which makes it more comfortable to train with over long periods of time.
How To Hide Your Guns, And Other Off-Grid Caches…
Something else that makes the CCP stand apart is the ease in racking the slide. When the striker is de-cocked, pulling the slide back is ridiculously easy. In fact, the first few times I racked the weapon I was expecting so much more resistance that I surprised myself. My petite wife can rack it without issue, and she can hardly manage an LC9, or even a Glock.
The low recoil, and easy-to-rack slide make the weapon perfect for smaller shooters, newbies, and even those faced with disabilities like arthritis, or underdeveloped muscles. The CCP is a wonderful little weapon for all age groups.
The Ugly
The Walther CCP is a superb weapon, works wonders, is functional, reliable and comfortable, and outside of the gritty trigger is a joy to shoot. So what’s the downside? Well, the takedown procedure. I mentioned a takedown tool before. The weapon requires the use of such a tool to disassemble. This is a major problem in my opinion, and I believe Walther needs to get rid of it in future versions. (If such a thing will exist.) Luckily, the tool isn’t proprietary, and even the manual says a screwdriver can be substituted.
Price Of Entry
Walther priced the weapon just right. They squeezed it low enough to compete with established subcompacts. The MSRP is $485, but I paid $390 for mine. Right now the pistol seems to be going right at MSRP online, but once the initial hype is over I expect the price to drop to a more realistic street price.
The CCP is an excellent pistol, and anyone looking for a subcompact 9mm will not be disappointed with it.

The Best Shotgun Ammo For Home Defense......

The Best Shotgun Ammo For Home Defense......

The Best Shotgun Ammo For Home DefenseShotguns have long been considered the king of the home defense realm, and only recently have the carbine and pistol stepped up to challenge this. That’s a different article for a different time, though. Here, we are going to focus on the shotgun for home defense and property defense.
In my opinion, a shotgun is a thinking man’s weapon. It’s incredibly capable and adaptable, and has more applications than any other weapon. The shotgun can be adapted to your situation and your environment, with specific loads tailored for your situation. The shotgun is capable of taking all sizes of game in North America. It is capable of killing birds to bears — and everything in between – and is especially useful against two-legged vermin.
Now, we are strictly talking regular power loads, with a preference being for 2 and 3/4 over 3. Three inches is more powerful, but produces more recoil. Three inch magnum loads are capable for hunting rounds, but not necessary for self-defense.
Let’s look at the three loads that make up the majority of shotgun ammunition: buckshot, birdshot and slugs.
Birdshot for self-defense seems awesome, with little to no penetration of walls, and you’re protected from the dreaded over-penetration right? Well, not a single birdshot load penetrates the required 12 inches to produce a reliable killing shot. Let’s also remember that Dick Cheney accidentally shot his friend, a man well into the middle of his life, in the face with birdshot and the man made a full recovery.
How to hide your guns, and other off-grid caches…
At the distance where you’re poking them with your shotgun I’m sure it’s plenty fatal, but further than that and I just find it to be less and less likely that’ll you’ll stop a threat effectively.  I also wouldn’t want to be that close to a bad guy.
Why use an inferior load made for squirrels, birds and clay pigeons?
Now, of course, you have slugs, and slugs can be used to reach out a little further than standard buckshot — roughly about 100 yards with a bead sight. Slugs can be devastating and are an option if the fight moves its way outside the home, or if you keep a shotgun for your trunk gun. Slugs are always good to have, but I personally don’t like them as an inside-the-home defense load.
Slugs can really over-penetrate. Plus, why use a slug? After all, a shotgun is a shotgun because it shoots a load of shot. A slug gun is kind of a big, low capacity rifle.
Story continues video...

Buckshot is my choice for home defense. Buckshot consistently penetrates to 12 inches and is capable of producing devastating wounds.
So penetration is covered, but what about shot placement? Well, per-shot the shotgun provides multiple projectiles, creating multiple wound paths, and therefore increasing the likelihood of placing an effective shot. Even if nothing vital is hit and a fatal wound isn’t inflicted, you’ll have an attacker full of pieces of lead, creating multiple wound channels throughout his torso – not only a very painful series of wounds but a debilitating effect on the body.
Ultimate Tactical Self-Defense And Hunting Weapon That Doesn’t Require A Firearms License!
That being said, never assume your shotgun is a magic death ray. It’s a great weapon, a devastating weapon, but it’s not a Boba Fett disintegrator. Follow through and do not assume the fight is over until it’s over.
So buckshot is a good inside-the-home load; we’ve established that. So what buckshot should we use? Conventional wisdom says double ought, right? Perhaps 8 33 caliber pellets, which are more than capable of stopping a bad guy, right? The police and military used double ought so it has to have merit, but is it the best load?
There are loads like Winchester PDX that combine slugs and buckshot, which is supposed to be designed for fighting, so that could be a choice. Sure, but it’s basically a slug backed up by three rounds of buckshot.
So triple ought? Nah. I think No. 1 buckshot is the most efficient of loads for self-defense. No 1 is a favorite of old school guys with old fixed choke shotguns that used No. 1 as a hunting load. It my favorite, and here is why.
First off, the rounds are slightly smaller than the double ought; therefore, you reduce over-penetration by a degree — not enough to discount it, but still just a bit.
Secondly, it’s efficient. 8 33 caliber pellets or 16 30 caliber pellets? Hardly a tradeoff for double the payload.
Speaking of efficiency, let’s do some simple math. A load of 8 pellets of double ought buck is about 430 grains. A load of No. 1 buckshot is 640 grains. This may vary a bit by company and load, but No. 1 will always be considerably heavier. I’m not trying to assume that a load of buckshot is going to be the equivalent of a 640 grain solid projectile. I’m just trying to give an idea of the efficiency of No. 1 buckshot as well as giving you a good idea of the amount of lead you’re fighting with.
This isn’t to say 00 buckshot isn’t a good fighting round, but it’s not the best. No. 1 costs the same as double, but it can be harder to find.
So you’re not wrong with 00; you are just less right, but you’re way better off than people who use birdshot.